Under the leadership of a succession of tepid Governors hamstrung by their own ambitions for higher office, New York has lost the courageousness that once marked our politics. A fragile caucus in the State Senate and moneyed interests on State Street seem to prefer it this way – averse to the risks and thrills of the uncertainty and dynamism that gave us the Erie Canal, the State University of New York, the Niagara Power Project, and the New York Thruway.

New York’s subways, state parks, and public schools were once the envy of the world. But today our roads crumble, our bridges are ‘functionally obsolete,’ and our trains can barely run on time. Much of our manufacturing industry has collapsed, our middle class has been priced out, and our Upstate cities have been brutalized by elitist economic policies that have destroyed them with the crushing burdens of an ever-growing government that we cannot afford.

It’s time to reignite the New York we once knew – not with a bigger government, or more corporate welfare under the elusive guise of ‘economic development’ – but with more liberty, more entrepreneurship, and more justice for New Yorkers.

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Giambra slams water authority patronage, says ‘it’s time to change state law”

“Something has to be done,” suggests Amherst’s county legislator Tom Loughran about the political job patronage haven at the Erie County Water Authority, and former Erie County Executive Joel Giambra believes the answer should come from the state. “When I was county executive, I wanted to bring the Water Authority into county govrnment and take …

Giambra calls on GOP leaders to vote on Child Victims Act this month

Independent candidate for Governor calls on Conservative Party Leader to support passage Joel Giambra, independent candidate for Governor, is calling on Republican leaders – including gubernatorial contenders Marc Molinaro and John DeFrancisco – to back the Child Victims Act. Giambra wants Majority Leader John Flanagan to bring the bill up for a vote on the …